Weight Loss Shot

Help boost your metabolism and shed unwanted body fat

Are you looking for great way to kick your metabolism into overdrive and burn stubborn body fat? The Emerald Weight Loss Lipotropic Shot is a healthy way to do just this.

The ingredients in this quick intra-muscular shot are combined to trigger biological reactions in the body which enhance metabolism, increase your body’s ability to break down fat and utilize carbohydrates, as well as give you more energy to be active and exercise. The primary ingredients in the shot include Methionine, Inositol, and Choline, which are used to help release fat through out the body by targeting its primary fatty deposits.

Methionine is an essential amino acid which assists in breaking down fat within the liver, helps lower cholesterol, and is effective at relieving fatigue.

Inositol is a special B-Vitamin that promotes the health of nerve synapses and cell structures, aids in the metabolism of fats, helps reduce bad cholesterol, and participates in the release of serotonin- a neurotransmitter important for mood and controlling appetite.

Choline is an essential nutrient which is critical for the transport and metabolism of fats and is important for endocrine and cardiovascular health.

These lipotropic compounds are then combined with Vitamin B-12 (Cobalamin). Studies have shown B 12 injections boost energy and metabolism rate, burn stored body fat, detoxifies the body, helps facilitate sleep, mood, appetite, and energy, as well as works synergistically with other nutrients to improve overall health.

When all of these therapeutic substances are combined the body is able burn unwanted body fat much more efficiently. You can come in for your shot 1-2 times a week. The fact that it is an intra-muscular injection means the procedure is over in a matter of minutes.

We recommend combining Emerald Weight Loss Shots with a healthy weight loss and exercise program to maximize the effects. Whats great about this procedure is you are utilizing natural compounds to trigger natural weight loss mechanisms in the body, while improving your health at the same time. No sketchy diet pills with unknown side effects.

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Useful for:

  • Reducing Excess Body Fat

  • Improving Effectiveness of Exercise for Weight Loss

  • Boosting Metabolism

  • Improving Energy

  • Athletic Energy Depletion

Infusion Ingredients

If you are interested in learning whether IV Nutrition Therapy may be right for you please contact one of our medical staff to book a free consultation. You can also read our IV Nutrition ebook. At Emerald Wellness, we believe that the synergistic union of conventional medicine and well-researched integrative health therapies can be the best way to achieve positive patient outcomes. We are dedicated to educating our patients, and only recommend specific treatments when we firmly believe they are the right course of action for improving patient health and wellbeing. If we do not deem that IV Therapy is appropriate for your case we will let you know. If this therapy is deemed right for you we will do everything possible to make your treatment an informative and enjoyable experience.