Integrative Pain Therapies Edmonton

Some of the Integrative Pain Therapies provided by Emerald Wellness, include Shockwave Therapy, MLS Laser Therapy, Intravenous Therapies and Prolozone Therapy. Our Medical Director is a member of the American Academy of Pain Medicine and has a strong passion for employing different medical technologies in order to alleviate chronic pain conditions.

Chronic Pain is a complex problem that afflicts millions of individuals all around the world. In fact, it is the most prevalent public health problem in North America, affecting over 100 million adults. Conventional medical practices are able to help many individuals whom suffer from chronic pain, but unfortunately there are countless people who do not receive adequate relief from conventional intervention alone. Furthermore, reliance on painkillers and invasive surgeries can have adverse effects on patient health. There are several well-researched and powerful integrative corrective treatments which can facilitate lasting pain relief and healing, without the dangers of painkillers and surgery.

The causes for acute and chronic pain conditions are multifaceted and complex. Pain can be an extremely debilitating and frustrating condition which affects multiple aspects of an individual’s life. What could have begun as a ‘normal’ painful response to an injury or illness sometimes persists long after the affected tissue or bone has healed. In some cases, pain may seem to arise out of nowhere, in the absence of any perceived trauma to the body. This could be due to an immune condition, neurochemical changes in the brain, or many other conditions, but it is still painful nonetheless. When one suffers from chronic pain there are often many distressing emotions such as anxiety, grief, sadness, fear, resentment, and feelings of powerlessness the individual must constantly contend with. Furthermore, pain can negatively affect one’s sleep quality, appetite, energy, concentration, sex life, ability to exercise, and functioning in everyday life. So, pain while being a problem in itself, also has the ability to negatively affect our emotional and physical health.

Fortunately, there are many excellent treatment options available for addressing acute and chronic pain conditions. The possible treatments for chronic pain can be as diverse as the causes. They can range from over-the-counter and prescriptions drugs, to mind/body techniques, physiotherapy, acupuncture, or even surgery. The first step in pain management should always be to schedule an appointment with a qualified doctor to determine the cause of your pain and learn which pain management approach is often the most effective for addressing it.

Often there are lifestyle changes an individual may undertake to mitigate chronic pain. This can include anti-inflammatory diets, decreasing refined sugars, practicing yoga and pain reducing exercises, cognitive behavioral therapies, meditation, and much more. Simple things like supplementing with natural anti-inflammatory compounds, such as curcumin, instead of constantly taking Tylenol can be extremely beneficial for your health. Over the counter pain killers have their uses but overuse is associated with many health problems and reduced effectiveness. Since, pain is both an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience, strategies which help the patient relate to their feelings of pain in different ways can have great therapeutic effects. There are many great lifestyle changes an individual can make to combat issues of pain. Usually a combination of life-style modifications and different clinical treatments have the greatest patient outcomes for eliminating chronic pain.

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Whether your pain is from arthritis, cancer treatments, fibromyalgia, an old injury, or any other reason, steps need to be taken to manage, and ideally, eliminate that pain. As stated before pain can negatively disrupt many aspects of daily life and health. Working with a qualified doctor to develop a comprehensive treatment strategy which addresses the specific healing requirements for your condition is of paramount importance. Chronic and acute pain can cause needless suffering in the lives of many individuals. Fortunately, there are many effective strategies to help relieve this suffering and facilitate proper healing.

To Learn more about the Integrative Pain Therapies offered at Emerald Wellness Integrative Health Clinic and what to expect as a patient please read our Ebook or contact our clinic.