Migraine IV

Halt your migraine and help prevent future onsets

Migraines and debilitating headaches can be an excruciating ordeal for many individuals . Symptoms often include severe pain, nausea, and hyper-sensitivity to light and noise.

An IV infusion can be an excellent way to immediately reduce and hopefully eliminate migraine symptoms. In hospital emergency rooms a common treatment for patients suffering severe migraines is to utilize intravenous hydration, since dehydration is thought to be a major factor in migraine attacks.

Our Migraine IV first and foremost works to hydrate the patient with saline water. We also add magnesium- studies have shown this to be effective in greatly reducing symptoms during an acute migraine attack.

A synergistic blend of B-Vitamins are included to improve methylation- something which is often deficient in chronic headaches sufferers- as well as to improve neurotransmitter functioning and mood, while reducing pain. Studies have also indicated that elevating vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) levels in the body can help reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

In some cases, Toradol may be added to the infusion to further eliminate acute pain and inflammation. Toradol is a high strength, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, which is long acting.

Quite often patients experience a vast reduction in symptoms just 10 minutes into the IV infusion. The entire Migraine IV infusion is about 45 minutes long.

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Useful for:

  • Migraine Headaches

  • Stress Headaches

  • Sinus Headaches

  • Cluster Headaches

  • Migraine Prevention

  • Migraine Aura

Infusion Ingredients

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