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A special B-Vitamin

Inositol is a naturally occurring substance produced in the human body- and in most plants and animals- that belongs to the vitamin B-complex group. Inositol is a great anti-oxidant, component of cell membranes, and plays key roles in a number of biological processes such as cell signalling, cell volume regulation, energy consumption, phospholipid production and neuronal metabolism. Studies have shown Inositol to have great therapeutic value for a number of conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, and depression.

Inositol is a lipotropic substance which is extremely effective at fat storage breakdown in the body. This makes losing unwanted body fat much easier, when our body’s have adequate levels this vitamin.

Inositol has also been shown to be very effective at addressing certain mental health conditions. Depressed individuals often have lowered levels of Inositol in their bodies. Supplementation is an effective way to increase levels and improve symptoms of depression (R). Furthermore, studies have shown Inositol to be an effective for reducing panic attacks, anxiety disorder symptoms, obsessive compulsive disorder, and eating disorders (R, R1, R3). It is theorized that Inositol is so beneficial for mood disorders because of its positive effects on our brains processing of serotonin. In fact, studies have shown that Inositol may have SSRI like capabilities similar to prescription antidepressants (R). Healthy serotonin levels positively influence appetite control which is a cognitive way this vitamin aids with weight loss efforts.

Therapeutic Benefits of Inositol

✓  May prolong lifespan

✓  Boosts skin health

✓  In an antioxidant

✓  Protects the lungs

✓  Natural remedy for anxiety and depression

✓  Can reduce symptoms of eating disorders

✓  May Prevent Heart Disease

✓  Mitigates symptoms of lithium therapy

✓  Great for skin health

✓  Protects the Brain (R, R1, R2)

✓  Prevents Metabolic Syndrome

✓  Aids in weight loss.

✓  Increases Serotonin and GABA which helps improve sleep quality

✓  Helps Prevent Cancer

✓  Helps improve insulin sensitivity and reduce diabetic symptoms

✓  Improves Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS

✓  Increases sperm count and fertility rate in males

✓  Lowers inflammation levels

✓  Helps prenatal development


If you are interested in learning whether IV Inositol Therapy may be right for you please contact one of our medical staff to book a free consultation. We are dedicated to educating our patients and only recommend specific treatments when we firmly believe they are the right course of action for improving patient health and wellbeing. If we do not deem that intravenous Inositol is appropriate for your case we will let you know. Our main concern is doing everything within our means to help you find your healthiest self.



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